Thank you for the past four years!

After 4 years of working to support the growing immersive technology space, we have decided to retire ARVR Academy. When we first started, we took an approach that led us through four courses in the SF Bay Area, and we taught over 100 women the basics of building and designing for virtual and augmented reality thanks to the support of some great mentors and instructors. In 2019, we continued to share curriculum and open source project code, and experimented with a remote mentoring program. Since we started ARVR Academy, we've been encouraged by the new range of resources that are available for learning about immersive tech - it's far more than we would be able to produce ourselves.

Due to the rapidly changing nature of the industry, the space where we were previously able to be most impactful now has an even more wide-reaching educational component than ever. As a result, we have decided to retire our previous program and seek out new opportunities to have an impact in the technology space.

To our former students, mentors, and supporters - thank you for your work and contributions to the growth of a vibrant community of creators. Personally, you remain some of my dearest friends and colleagues, and I could not have a greater appreciation for the contributions that each and every one of you brought my early days of working in the XR space.

If you are looking for a starting point in exploring virtual and augmented reality development, the majority of our work is hosted on GitHub.

[]-) Until we meet again,

Liv Erickson
Co-founder, ARVR Academy